John Siraj-Blatchford
is an honorary Professor at the University of Swansea and co-directs the Supporting Playful Learning with Information and Communications Technology (SPLICT) project.
He also works as an independent educational researcher and consultant, and is the Research and Development Director of The Land of Me. He was previously employed at the University of Cambridge Faculty of Education and served as an Associate Director of the ESRC Teaching and Learning Research Programme. Recent work has included contributing to the Equalities Review Report for EPPE 3- 11, to C4EO reviews of Family based support for early learning and Integrated Children's Services, and to an initiative associated with identifying the role of Early Childhood Education in Sustainable Development.

Following an early career in the electronics industry John Siraj-Blatchford gained practical experience across the 4-16 age range, teaching in both primary and secondary schools before entering initial teacher education in 1992. Since then his research and development work increasingly focused upon ICT, Science, Design and Technology in the early years.

His publications include Education for Sustainable Development in the Early Years, OMEP (with Kim Smith and Ingrid Pramling Samuelson, OMEP, 2010) A Curriculum Development Guide to ICT in Early Childhood Education (with Iram Siraj-Blatchford, Trentham Books 2006), Supporting Information and Communications Technology in the Early Years, (with David Whitebread, Open University Press 2003), and; Developing New Technologies for Young Children, (Trentham Books 2004). His book Supporting Science, Design, and Technology in the Early Years (with Iain MacLeod Brundenell) was published by the Open University Press in 1999.

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